Greg MacPherson

May 4th 2015

I’m playing some solo hows in the United States of America this week and then, later in May, drummer Rob Gardiner and I will be heading west for shows in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. See the shows page for details.

March 30th 2015

Rob Gardiner and I have started working on a new record at Winnipeg’s Argyle Studios with the lovely and talented Cam Loeppky at the controls. I hope it will be finished over the next month or two and released later this year. I’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, I’m doing a rare tour of a few American cities in early May, see the SHOWS page for details. Rob and I are heading out to British Columbia and back in late May early June as well, details to be announced shortly.

January 21st 2015

I’m playing a few solo shows in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this weekend and if all goes according to plan, returning home to record a new album in February. No complaints.

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